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Personal Information
Playing Age:              16-18                          Date of Birth:            1/5/1999                                     Actual Age:                17                   

Sex:                                Female                        Hair Colour:              Brown                                            Eyes:                              Blue                

Nationality:               Irish                              Ethnicity:                     Caucasian                                    Native Accent:         Irish- Dublin

Height:                        5"2'                               Weight:                       7 st, 9.5 lb
    Kerry has always loved performing, and has never passed up an opportunity to
    do it. She has been attending Curtain Call Stage School since 2008, which was when it started. Kerry has played multiple roles there, some being Mrs. Hannigan from Annie, Gabriella Montez from High School Musical and Babette from Beauty and the Beast. She attends singing, dancing and acting classes from 5-7 o'clock, and private singing classes from 7-8, every Thursday, while also assisting teachers in the younger children's classes from 4-5. Kerry also studies for her drama and musical theatre exams at Curtain Call. She is currently studying for the second last grade in drama, Grade 11, and is studying for  Intermediate 4, in Musical Theatre. She has attained first class honours and distinctions in all her exams before these. Kerry has also performed all of her school productions, since 2011. In 2015, she played Sandy in her schools production of Grease. Kerry hopes to study acting in college after completing her Leaving Certificate. Although performing arts are her main hobbies, she also enjoys reading, creative writing, listening to different styles of music and is a huge movie lover
    Training and Credits
    Curtain Call Stage School (2008 to date):
    Drama Examinations:                                                                                                                                                                    Musical Theatre (Singing) Examinations:
    London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Grade 1, 2010: Distinction,                                                  Irish Board, Intermediate 1, 2013- First Class Honours
    Irish Board, Duologue, 2011- Distinction                                                                                                                         Irish Board, Intermediate 2, 2014- Distinction
    Irish Board, Grade 7, 2012- First Class Honours                                                                                                         Irish Board, Intermediate 3, 2015- Distinction
    Irish Board, Intermediate 2, 2013- First Class Honours
    Irish Board, Grade 8, 2013- First Class Honours
    Irish Board, Grade 9, 2014- Distinction
    Irish Board, Grade 10, 2015- First Class Honours

    TV Credits:
    Year      Film/Drama                                                                      Part                                                                                        Director
    Movie Credits:

    Stage Credits:
    Year      Show                                                                                        Part                                                Venue                                                                 Director
    2016    Beauty and the Beast                                                      Babette                                        Dunamaise Arts Centre
    2015    Hairspray                                                                               Velma Vontoosle                     Dunamaise Arts Centre
    2015    Wicked                                                                                    Madame Morrible                  Dunamaise Arts Centre
    2015    Grease                                                                                    Sandy
    2014    Clue                                                                                          Sue Sylvester                             Dunamaise Arts Centre
    2013    Chiago                                                                                     Velma Kelly                                Dunamaise Arts Centre
    2013    Fairy Tale Twist                                                                  Narrator
    2012    Around the world                                                             Girly Girl
    2011    Cinderella                                                                             Kings Advisor                            Dunamaise Arts Centre                      
                    Seusical the Musical
    2010    Glee Summer Camp                                                        Rachel Berry  
    2009    High School Musical                                                       Gabriella                                                                                                                         Karen Hackett
    2008    High School Musical   Kelsey                                                                                                                                                                                   Karen Hackett
    2008    Annie                                                                                       Miss Hannigan                                                                                                            Karen Hackett

    Jobs in Theatre:
    2014-Present               - Curtain Call, Assistant Teacher in Junior Class
    July, 2012                    - Camp Broadway, Assistant Teacher: 1 Week,
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