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Personal Information
Playing Age:              16-18              Date of Birth:            15th July 1999                Actual Age:                17                 

Sex:                                Female           Hair Colour:                Brown                                  Eyes:                              Brown            

Nationality:                Irish                Ethnicity:                      Caucasian                           Native Accent:          Irish

Height:                        5'3                    Weight:           
Labhaoise has been performing from the age of 3 and has played lead roles in many musicals, including Mollie in the West end touring production of Annie at just 6, she loves being on stage.
Labhaoise loves to perform in any discipline, and never misses an opportunity to perform. Labhaoise has decided to make musical theatre her career is currently studying in the College of Dance in Dublin, She left school after her junior cert to follow her dream and is now in second year at COD.
She completed a 3 day course in CPA, London in Feb 2015, to which she was invited by CPA to attend following a full day workshop in Dublin. This course included taking classes with the current 1st year students.
Labhaoise has recently got down to the last 2 for the role of Gabrialla in High School Musical in which she took part as the lead Cheerleader. She has also got down to the last 3 for the role of Eponine in BSPA’s production of Les Miserables this summer and was offered the role of a factory worker and ensemble. Labhaoise has competed all over the world with her Irish dancing and has won many championships including the Russian Open Championship under 20 at just 12. She has also competed at the World Championships.
Labhaoise has won Stars in your eyes and Kilco X Factor this year..
Irish Dancing, Ballet, Jazz Funk, Tap, Ballroom, Musical Theatre, Drama, Piano, Swimming, Sailing, Ice Skating, Skiing.
English, Irish, French and some Russian phrases.
Training and Credits
College of Dance Kimmage(Sep 2015 to date):         Ballet (including Pointe work), Contemporary, Jazz,
(Full time professional dance training)                            Pilates, Tap, Singing, Vocal Studies, Dance Studies and History.
FACT (2016 to date):                                                               Musical Theatre, Tap , Lyrical and SInging.
MSPA (2003-­2015):                                                                 Musical Theatre, Tap and Drama.  
Young Performers Academy (Summer 2015):           Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop
CPA College, Essex, London. (Feb 2015) :                    3 day intensive Musical Theatre workshop,   chosen to attend by invitation of the college.   
Fingal School of Dance (2003-2011):                            Ballet
Fegan Academy: (2013 to date):                                       Irish Dancing
Scoil Rince Rooney (2002-2013):                                    Irish Dancing
TV Credits:
Year      Film/Drama                                                                      Part                                                                                        Director
2015    Ripper Street  (S4)                                                          Extra                                                                                      BBC
2014    Riverdance                                                                         Dancer                                                                                  The Late Late Show
2010    Singing Group                                                                   Soloist                                                                                   TG4 - Feis and Blood
2010    Irish Dance Troupe                                                        Lead dancer                                                                        TG4 - An Jig Gig    
Movie Credits:
2012    Susie Cohens Communion                                         Extra                                                                                      Jim Sheridan & Shimmy Marcus
Stage Credits:
Year      Show                                                                                        Part                                                Venue                                                             Director
2016    Get on your Feet                                                                Eliza(“Hamilton”)                     Hilton Hotel                                                Sean Gilligan
2016    High School Musical                                                        Cheerleadre                               The Helix                                                       Sean Gilligan
2016    Evita                                                                                         Eva’s Sister                                  Malahide CS                                                Tony Finegan
2015    Oliver                                                                                      Chorus                                           NCH                                                                 Vivian Coates
2015    Phantom of the Opera                                                    Meg                                                The Helix                                                        Sean Gilligan
2015    CBOI The Soloist                                                               Semi Final                                    Molesworth St.                                           CBOI
2015    Emmanuel                                                                              Soloist                                           The Helix                                                        Dublin Schools
2014    The Wizard of Oz                                                              Adult Chorus                             NCH, Dublin                                                Tony Finnegan
2014    Oliver                                                                                       Rose Seller                                  SCC                                                                  School Productin
2014    Evita                                                                                          Chorus                                          Belfast                                                            MT4Uth
2014    Our House                                                                             Chorus                                          Millbank Theatre, Rush                        MT4Uth
2013    Annie                                                                                         Orphan                                         NCH, Dublin                                               Tony Finnegan
2013    West Side Story                                                                   Chorus                                         Millbank Theatre, Rush                          MT4Uth
2012    Don’t stop us now                                                               Soloist                                           Helix Theatre, Dublin                             Barry Kavanagh
2012    Annie                                                                                          Kate                                              Gaiety Theatre, Dublin                          Chris Moreno Prod.
2012    Mamma Mia (extracts)                                                     Chorus                                         Millbank Theatre, Rush                         MT4Uth
2012    Oliver                                                                                         Dancer                                        Waterfront Theatre, Derry                 MT4Uth
2011    Oliver                                                                                         Fagin’s Gang                             NCH, Dublin                                               Vivian Coates
2011    Aladdin                                                                                      Chorus                                        Waterfront Theatre, Belfast               MT4Uth  / Jeremy James Taylor
2011    Oklahoma                                                                                Chorus                                        Millbank Theatre, Rush                          MT4Uth / Jeremy James Taylor
2010    Wizard of Oz                                                                         Munchkin                                   NCH, Dublin                                                Vivian Coates
2010    MSPA Show                                                                            Soloist                                          Helix Theatre, Dublin                             MSPA
2010    Les Miserables                                                                      Young Cosette /Eponine    Helix Theatre, Dublin                            Real Theatre Company
2010    Bugsy Malone                                                                        Chorus                                         Millbank Theatre, Rush                        MT4Uth / Jeremy James Taylor   
2010    Lead Dancer, Irish Dance performance on a charity event in the Helix Theatre, Dublin
2007    Annie                                                                                           Mollie                                           Olympia Theatre, Dublin                     Chris Moreno Productions
2008    Fingal School ,                                                                         bi-annual recital,                    The Axis Theatre,   Dublin
2006&2004        of dance
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