Phoenix provides a 2 year course in the performing arts culminating in A-Level exams.  There will be a strong emphasis on ballet and all students will have a ballet class geared towards their ability (from beginners to advanced)

Phoenix is the only college of its kind in Ireland offering students full time professional training in performing Arts while still achieving a second level education and qualification which allows access to many colleges and universities.

We also have a foundation course in Musical Theatre, Dance and Drama for those who have already sat the Leaving Cert. This is a diploma course and is recognised in Arts Ed London.

Our aim is to prepare students for a career in the performingarts and entry into the leading performing arts colleges worldwide.
Full Time TY course
  • 1st year of the A Levels program

2 year A Level Course
  • Dance                                            
  • Drama                                             PE
  • English Literature​                     Psychology   
  • Business                                        History                
Non A-Level Subjects included in the 2 year course
  • Audition Technique
  • Musical Theatre and Vocal Studies
  • Business
  • ​Ghirokenisis

Audition Technique - we have a dedicated audition coach to work regularly with all students both on a one to one and a group basis.

Regular performances 

2019 Prospectus
  1. A Level Dance
    A Level Dance
    Dance is a powerful and inspiring qualification that encourages students to develop their creative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacity, whatever their previous experience in the subject. We’ve bridged the gap between AS and A-level and higher education providers, giving your students the skills and experience to better prepare them for the demands of higher education or the workplace.
  2. A Level Drama
    A Level Drama
    Our aim is to deliver strong and valuable qualifications that will inspire a lifelong love of drama and theatre for our students.
  3. Foundation in Musical Theatre, Dance & Drama
    Foundation in Musical Theatre, Dance & Drama
  4.  Music
    Our Music qualifications are incredibly creative and empowering, and as flexible to teach as they are to learn. We've focused on practical skills, so students learn to compose and perform music across a variety of styles – and enjoy the freedom to focus on a style or genre close to their heart. Students lay the foundations for further study or a musical career, and develop: self-confidence communication skills creative skills critical analysis and evaluation skills.
  5. Performing Arts
    Performing Arts
    Our new, multi-disciplinary Level 1/2 Technical Award in Performing Arts is designed to equip learners aged 14-16 with the broad range of practical performing arts skills and the core knowledge they’ll need to progress to further study, employment or apprenticeships. Performing and Expressive Arts qualifications create confident and critical performers. Our GCSEs offer students the chance to explore a range of different performance, design and technical disciplines, allowing them to develop as confident and effective learners.
  6. English Literature
    English Literature
    Designed to deliver as much choice as possible for teachers and students, this specification expects students to develop informed, personal responses to a wide range of texts from different periods. Comparing English Literature A and B Both are assessed by a mix of coursework and exam. Specification A includes a coursework extended essay of about 3,000 words, emphasises texts in context and offers a wide choice of texts. Specification B concentrates slightly more on genre and has a more structured approach. Teachers like the more traditional approach to Literature study the freedom to choose texts the themed approach the creativity in coursework eg rewriting a scene the suitability for a range of students and abilities the year round support from a consortium adviser for coursework units, including their attendance at standardisation and moderation meetings. Students like the opportunity to read widely and write creatively being able to study a particular period in more depth studying contemporary texts the opportunity to work independently on coursework in preparation for further study or work gaining analytical skills and seeing how context influences understanding.
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