Entry into the A-Level course is by audition and interview only. All applicants should have some prior dance/music  training. We will accept only dedicated and hard workers as the Performing Arts is not the easy option. The course will demand huge discipline and commitment and 100% attendence record.  A reference from your previous school will be sought before a place is offered.

Auditions take place in March / April annually, there is a non-refundable audition fee of €25.

Music Course applicants should have a 1.30 minute piece of their choice prepared either on an instrument or vocally.

Dance Course applicants will partake in a 45 minute ballet class and 45 minute jazz class, applicants should have a dance piece prepared in the discipline of their choice no longer than 1.30 minutes.

Drama Course applicants will partake in a 45 minute drama class and should have a monologue prepared

All auditionees should bring their cv, a passport size photo, €25 and their school reference to the audition.

Applications for 2017 academic year close on 28th February 2017

Application Form 2017

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